Top Shelf Lacquer Holo’d Sangria Collection | Swatches & Review

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Happy Friday! Today I have the Holo’d Sangria collection from Top Shelf Lacquer to share with you! This collection is made up of 5 absolutely STUNNING jewel toned linear holographic shades. (Two of my favorite things) They also have some holographic glitter thrown into the mix.

I normally don’t talk about packaging, but I had to share with you how cute & creative these shades were packaged. I received the brand new 8 ml bottles that contain both a full size cap and flat brush. I normally am not a fan of mini bottles because I find them awkward to hold in photos and the brush is usually way too small, but these are SO perfect! She is also calling them Polish Shots which is super cute! But back to the packaging – They were all nicely bubble wrapped and even came with 2 wine glass charms! I just about died!


Pacific Blue Sangria : Linear and Scattered Holo in a Vibrant Sapphire Jelly Base. This color makes my life. Two easy coats shown below. 

Top Shelf Lacquer Pacific Blue Sangria 2

Seafoam Sangria : Linear and Scattered Holo in a Vibrant Teal Jelly Base. Look at the sparkle in this one! Photo below shows two coats. 

Top Shelf Lacquer Seafoam Sangria

Strawberry Sangria : Linear and Scattered Holo in a Ruby Jelly Base. One of my favorites! Photo below shows two coats. 

Top Shelf Lacquer Strawberry Sangria

Sweet Berry Sangria : Linear and Scattered Holo in a Amethyst Jelly Base. Oh hello beautiful! I die! Photo below shows two coats. 

Top Shelf Lacquer Sweet Berry sangria

White Sangria Sparkler : Linear and Scattered Holo’d clear base for a holo’d mani anytime you want! I actually chose to wear this one on it’s own and I’m impressed that it only took 3 thin coats to get this much coverage. So pretty & delicate! 

Top Shelf Lacquer White Sangria Sparkler

My mind is officially blown. How about yours? This collection is full of win. From the bottles & the brush, to the application, shades & packaging – I honestly think this is a VERY strong collection from Top Shelf Lacquer because it takes a lot to blow me away. With everything happening in the nail community right now, it is so refreshing to swatch an incredibly well made collection by an owner who puts so much time and effort into how items get packaged up. It seriously shows how much she loves making polish!

Which shade is your favorite?

Availability : Top Shelf Lacquer

Price : $11.50 each or $52.50 for complete set of 5 full size bottles | 8 ML Minis! $7.50 each or $34 for the set

Free shipping with $100 purchase (US only) | International Shipping available at standard rates

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Turtle Tootsie Fall Collection 2015 | Swatches & Review

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TT Collage

Happy Thursday! Today I have the brand NEW Fall collection from Turtle Tootsie Polish to share with you! This collection is made up of 6 gorgeous Fall esque hues all with a scattered holo finish. I am completely impressed with how all of these performed – Chrissy is doing such a wonderful job with her creations! Let’s get into the shades.

FD : Cherry red soft scattered holo. Photo below shows two coats.

Turtle Tootsie FD

Dispatcher : Shimmering golden yellow scattered holo. This shade is a bit sheer, but I only needed two coats for full opacity.

Turtle Tootsie Dispatcher

Full Moon : Gorgeous deep purple scattered holo. Photo below shows two coats.

Turtle Tootsie Full Moon

Holster Sniffer : Royal blue soft scattered holo. Photo below shows two coats.

Turtle Tootsie Holster Sniffer

Lot Lizard : Forest green scattered holo. Photo below shows two coats.

Turtle Tootsie Lot Lizard

Working Fire : Goldish / Orange scattered holo. Photo below shows two coats.

Turtle Tootsie Working Fire

I seriously cannot believe this is only Chrissy’s second collection! She has seriously outdone herself with this one! All of the shades performed well and were easily two coaters.

The FULL collection is available for pre order beginning August 28th – September 6th on her website.

Pricing : $33 For Mini’s | $55 Full Size

Single Bottles available on September 7th

Pricing : $6 Each Mini | $10 Full Size

Will you be picking anything up?!

Turtle Tootsie Polish Social Media

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Powder Perfect The Upper Kingdom Collection | Swatches & Review

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Powder Perfect The Upper Kingdom Collage

Happy Wednesday! Today I have the Upper Kingdom collection from Powder Perfect to share with you! You can find this collection & even more gorgeous shades at Color4Nails! These 5 microglitters are unbelievably gorgeous and are fully opaque in just two coats.

Abydos : Pale gold microglitter laced with holographic gold and silver microglitters. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : The sacred city of Abydos holds many temple complexes & royal tombs, including that of Ancient Egypt’s very first pharaoh – Narmer. “Abydos” is a pale gold microglitter representing the shifting sands surrounding the  monuments in Upper Egypt

Powder Perfect Abydos

Flowering Lotus : Shimmering holographic glitter in pink, silver & violet. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : The lotus closes at night and sinks underwater. In the morning it re-emerges and blooms again. In Ancient Egypt, the flower became representative of the cyclical nature of the sun and creation. The Flowering Lotus is often used to depict Upper Egypt in artworks

Powder Perfect Flowering Lotus

Land Of Reeds : Lime green microglitter with green and hold ultra holographic glitters. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : The Upper Kingdom of Ancient Egypt was also known as the “land of the reeds”, a reference to the abundance of papyrus growing in the Nile Valley.

Powder Perfect Land Of Reeds

Nekhbet : Pale turquoise microglitter featuring ultra holographic glitters. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : Nekhbet, also known as the Vulture Goddess, was the patron goddess of Upper Egypt. She is often depicted as a vulture with her wings spread in protection of her people.

Powder Perfect Nekhbet

Thebes : Multifaceted copper microglitter. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : Thebes was the glittering capital of Upper Egypt, some suggest it was even once the largest city in the Ancient world. “Thebes” is a multifaceted copper microglitter polish. Copper was a metal sourced & commonly used throughout Upper Egyptian society

Powder Perfect Thebes

These are absolutely STUNNING! The formulas were really good and I love that they easily cover in two coats with no fuss.

Which one is your favorite?

Availability : Color4Nails

Price : $11

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Girly Bits What Really Happened In Vegas 2015 Collection | Swatches & Review

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It’s that time of year again! Time to share the 2015 additions of Girly Bits What REALLY happened in Vegas collection! I wish I had the pleasure of meeting Pam at CPNA last month, but my schedule was so crazy that we missed each other.  This 5 piece collection is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have also included the limited edition shade ‘What Happens in Vegas.. Ends Up On Snapchat’ as well. All of these will be available for pre order  this coming Friday, August 28th, at 3pm EST until Monday, August 31st, 3pm EST.  All orders will begin shipping September 4th.

Blue Ribbon Cankles : Vibrant blue jelly filled with super sparkly holographic microglitter. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : Travelling + heat + less than comfy shoes + being over tired + a drink or two can certainly do a job on the feet as far as water retention goes. Let me tell you, we had some prize winning cankles happening. I am pretty sure there was not one of us who had anything less than an honourable mention. Once those shoes came off, they were NOT going back on willingly.

Girly Bits Blue Ribbon Cankles

DownTown Funk : Rosey pink crelly filled with gold shimmer, holographic microglitter and gold microglitter. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : The second of two off site Indie related events in Vegas brought Indies, Bloggers, and Stockists together to Ooohh and Ahhh over all the gorgeous products displayed beautifully (and creatively!) by various brands. It was held at a slightly off-strip boutique hotel which was beautiful and comfortable, and a handful of brands called it home for the week as well. While I am sure the rooms were *ahem* ‘clean’ some of them did possess a certain questionable aroma, which definitely makes you wonder what kind of debauchery had taken place previously

Girly Bits DownTown Funk

It Was The FireBall : True red linear holo. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : Preparing for, attending and/or displaying at two events that are across the country for most, where we wanted everything to be perfect, can certainly create a lot of stress. It’s difficult to plan an event, or a table scape for showcasing your products in a space you have never seen. You plan for months. You mock-up your display, and change your mind a million times. You double and triple and quadruple check the list of supplies you need and try and anticipate hiccups. You pack the majority of the product and display items and ship them to the hotel ahead of time, and pray they arrive on time and in one piece. You hope you didn’t leave too much to have to take with you on the plane, and you REALLY hope the TSA doesn’t blink at 50 pounds of nail polish in your suitcase. You scramble around once in Vegas to try and pick up any last minute needs, and then mock up your display in your hotel room ONE more time, just in case. Of course there were items and products that were forgotten at home, or left at your hotel, but you pull yourself together and proudly display your products and are in awe at the beauty of all the other displays and products there. The gifting suite is seriously buzzing with ooohs and Ahhhs, and hugs and laughter, and LOTS of selfies. The Indie events are by far my favourite part of the entire weekend, even with all the stress. Once the evening winds down everyone relaxes a bit and we kick off our shoes and just chill with each other enjoying the space, the food, the drinks, the new friends, the reunions with old friends, and the success of the evening. Did I mention that we enjoy the drinks? Someone, who shall remain un-named, happened to have a glittery holo flask of Fireball in her purse. And someone else who shall also remain un-named happened to taste it. Several times. The aforementioned person kept us quite entertained, and we will just blame it on the Fireball.

Girly Bits It Was The Fireball

The Shaft : Bronze holo with a metallic finish. Also has accents of bronze flakes. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : If you have ever stayed at the Luxor in the pyramid, you have most likely ridden the elevator. That is one of the oddest feeling elevators I have ever been on. It goes up and down on the diagonal, since it’s in an actual pyramid shaped building. Elevators can feel weird in the belly to begin with, but add a sideways motion to it and it really sends you for a trip. Several of my friends happened to be in the elevator with a lovely elderly couple, and they had to use everything they had to contain themselves when they overheard the man say to his wife “Can you feel it Margaret? Can you feel it going sideways? The shaft is going sideways.”

Girly Bits The Shaft

Up All Night To Get Lucky : Melon coral crelly with gold shimmer, flakes, and holo microglitter. Photo below shows two coats.

Inspiration : After lounging by the pool at the hotel of Downtown Funk till the wee hours of the morning we needed to get some food in our bellies. Directly across the street from the hotel was an all-night eatery called Mr. Lucky’s, so a few of us (including my trooper of a husband) headed over there for late night nibbles and pancakes. At 4:30 am we decided we had better head back to our rooms since we still had a long day ahead of us.

Girly Bits Up All Night To Get Lucky

What Happens In Vegas, Ends Up On SnapChat : Light silver / lilac linear holographic polish accented with holo microglitter. Photo below shows three coats.

Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On SnapChat

This collection is EVERYTHING. The application / formula on every single one of these was absolute perfection.  If you are already a fan of Pam’s polishes, you are going to go nuts over these.

Which ones will you be picking up?

Availability : Girly Bits

Price : $9.85 USD | $13 CAD

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Girly Bits Nail Lacquer is carried all over the world! Please check our E-tailers for your favourite Girly Bits Nail Lacquer. Visit their sites for product availablity, release dates, pricing and shipping information.

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YouCam Makeup : Virtual Makeup Studio App | Review



Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with two very fabulous women behind the app YouCam Makeup. As soon as they showed me how this virtual beauty studio worked, I was blown away!  The YouCam Makeup app lets you try out different makeup looks & hairstyles before you fully commit. You can basically get a makeover in real time at the touch of a button.

YouCam Makeup lets you try out true-to-life makeup looks on your portraits, with hundreds of fashionable makeover styles including accessories, new lip colors, fierce lashes and their new hair dye feature! Because honestly – sometimes you just need to see what you look like as a blonde before you commit!  Plus – They have a TON of other awesome features that I want to tell you about first before I get into the crazy makeup transformation I did on myself.

Beauty Circle

Discover the latest in beauty and style. 

The revolutionary virtual beauty community that connects beauty enthusiasts, influencers, bloggers and publications.


They partnered up with awesome fashion & beauty bloggers (such as myself) to discover the latest trends all over the world.


You can tap on the ‘Beauty Tips’ section and it will bring up tons and tons of fantastic tutorials for you to try out.  No matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve, they have a section for it!



You can also follow your favorite bloggers through the ‘Beautyist’ tab.   Make sure to follow me!


Once you follow your favorites, you have access to all of their blog posts via RSS feed. You basically NEVER miss a blog post!


So onto the looks portion. You can either take a selfie or upload your own photo from your camera roll. As soon as you take the photo, you can see at the bottom of the screen all of your different options.  There are pre-made looks, such as the one below, or you can create your own look.  So for the photo below, I had basically zero makeup on, and decided I wanted to look  Ravishing, so that was the look I tapped on. And Voila! Full face of makeup!


Ravishing not your cup of tea? How about a smoky look?


The possibilities are seriously endless!

 But that’s not all!  Didn’t sleep well last night? No problem! Click on the eye bag removal tab, and BOOM.  Well rested.


You can even see what you would look like in a different lip shade, whiten your teeth,  touch of your blush, or add some intense lashes.


Or get quirky and add some eyewear.


Once you start playing around, you get hooked and can’t put it down.  I also love that if there is a certain tutorial you are interested in doing yourself, they have user reviews and you can then buy the product at the touch of a button. It’s such an awesome way to see what you would look like as a blonde, redhead, brunette etc or try out a different hair style before you call your salon!

Have you played with the YouCam Makeup app? What are your thoughts?

App Availability

YouCam Makeup is available for free on the App Store and Google Play

*This post has been sponsored by YouCam Makeup. All opinions are my own*