Jesse's Girl / Julie G Mardi Gras Collection GIVEAWAY! (3 Winners!)

Happy Monday! Hope you all had  a great weekend! This was supposed to go up yesterday, but rafflecopter kept giving me issues so my apologies for that! Jesse's Girl has graciously donated THREE sets of their brand new JulieG Beauty Mardi Gras Collection to give away to my lucky readers!

I am going to open this giveaway up internationally. *IF* you are out of the country and happen to win, I am going to have Jesse's Girl send the prize to me and I will pay to ship it to you. So please have a little patience for the extra steps! If you missed my review of the collection, you can view it HERE.

Here is a little sneak peek of the shades!

Please use the rafflecopter below to enter! (Must be 18+ or have a parents consent) Good Luck!

Also - if you missed my previous post regarding how to get a FREE SAMPLE of U By Kotex, click HERE when you're done entering!

*Prizes provided by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics*

#SaveTheUndies with U By Kotex + FREE SAMPLES!

Things are about to get real.. (and maybe TMI?) today on Love For Lacquer! But let's be honest - we're all grown women here and I think of you guys as my close girlfriends who I can talk to about anything! So what's our order of business today? The dreaded visit from Aunt Flo.  For the past 4 years or so,  my periods have become incredibly inconsistent after having Rylan so I have no idea what day she plans on gracing my presence. So it's incredibly important for me to keep a few thin pads from U By Kotex in my purse at ALL TIMES. Plus, who knows - You could be in a public bathroom and someone else may need one as well! (Talk about hero status!)

I'm one of those girls who HATES shopping for new undies. It's just not something I have ever enjoyed. (I mean.. I would rather spend money on lipstick than have to go replace my panties thanks to an unfriendly visit!) So I teamed up with U By Kotex to bring you the #SaveTheUndies campaign! 

The new U By Kotex ultra thin pads have a new 3D Capture Core that helps stop the leaks and keep your panties fresh as new! 

These are comfortable and keep my mind at ease when it's that time of the month. Plus, I love how thin the pads are and the discreet packaging! 

Are you ready to try them for yourself? U By Kotex is giving away FREE SAMPLES! That's right - I said FREE! 

All you need to do is click HERE to request yours, wait for the mail man to deliver and feel confident! 

Thanks to U by Kotex® Pads for sponsoring today's discussion

{Guest Post} Plump & Polished Floral Nail Art Look!

     Hey, Love for Lacquer babes! I'm Ashley Eileen of Plump and Polished, and I've been blogging for almost two years now. My main focus is nail polish, but I'm also into plus size fashion and beauty. Recently, I've stared to dabble in nail art. I'm a huge fan of Jess and Love for Lacquer so I'm super excited to share a bit of my blog with all of you! 

Materials Used

Sally Hansen Lick - O - Rich
Zoya Trixie
Illamasqua Nomad
China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
Rice Blackout, Whiteout, & Glossy Glam
Nail Art Rhinestones & Small Tweezers
Striping Brush
Dotting Tool
not picture:
Small Angled Brush

   I'm all about simple nail art that creates a fun look! I think this easily fits the bill, right? 

    I have a step by step how-to for the flowers on my blog. Check out the post here. I did them once and became obsessed with them because they're so simple! I sure love my dotting tools. I use them for so much. For the stripes, I did them freehand with the brush. It might take a little practice, but don't give up!

     Ya'll are pretty special. I don't often include my thumb in my manicure pictures! This looks wouldn't be complete without the black accents on my thumb and index. If you don't have rhinestones, don't fret. You can easily use a dotting tool to create a similar look with a black dot. See, I told you it was easy!

     I hope you enjoyed this little nail art post! Thanks for reading!

-Ashley Eileen

Where to find Plump and Polished: 
Blog | Facebook | Instagram

*HUGE thanks to Ashley for her guest post! Please be sure to follow her on all of her social media outlets above! She has amazing swatches & nail art looks that are to die for! (Oh and an adorable pug as well!)*

Spinning Lipstick Tower - Zahra Beauty Store (Review)

Press Sample
Hello beauty & makeup addicts! I have the COOLEST item to share with you today courtesy of Zahra Beauty Store! I am always looking for new organizational storage and cute things to put on top of my vanity and I have to say - This is BY FAR my favorite piece I own to date! I present to you - The SPINNING LIPSTICK TOWER!

This tower holds just about 81 lipsticks and spins with ease.  I don't have it all the way filled up because I wanted you guys to see what it looked like with & without product. 

The top piece (above) has 9 slots available for your favorites or most worn. (Or in my case - The prettiest lol)

I haven't found a lipstick that doesn't fit in here - It holds the bulkiest of packaging (MAC Mineralized Lipsticks) and even the boxes! 

I love how they added a little extra "bling" to the sides to spruce it up a bit! 

This tower comes in a variety of colors including Classy White (Shown), Black, Rose, Silver Dream & Goldie Luxe. 

Overall, I think it's VERY well made and sturdy and spins effortlessly. 

Is this something you would consider purchasing for your lipstick collection? What are your thoughts on the spinning lipstick tower from Zahra Beauty?

Availability : Zahra Beauty Store

Price : $99

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*Provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

Zoya Summer 2014 Bubbly Collection - Swatches & Review

Press Sample
Happy Saturday beauties! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! Today I have the Zoya Summer 2014 Bubbly collection to share with you! These six gorgeous shades have a jelly formula and are packed with tons of glitter and shimmer throughout. I definitely don't think they are ANYTHING like the Zoya pixies. If the pixies had a younger sister, these would be it! Same sparkle - Just a tad bit different!

Alma - Gold / orange jelly with gold shimmer and iridescent glitters. I used two coats for the photo below. Formula was a LITTLE thick on this one, so it was best not to go for the third. 

Binx - Pink fuchsia with gold shimmer and tons of holographic glitter. Formula was so much better with this shade! I used two coats for the photo below. 

Harper - Hot pink jelly base with gold shimmer.  I used two coats for the photo below.

Jesy - Orange / coral jelly base with golden shimmer. Photo below shows two coats. 

Muse - Blue green jelly base with golden shimmer. If you plan on becoming a mermaid in your next lifetime, this is the shade you need to be wearing on your nails. Photo below shows two coats. 

Staasi - Stunning green jelly base with golden shimmer.  I used two coats for the photo below, but probably could have gotten away with one more.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE these! If you are a fan of the Pixie shades, I have a feeling you will love these just as much! I didn't have any issues with application (Besides Alma being a little thicker than the rest) and there is the perfect amount of glitter & shimmer in these!

Which shade from the Bubbly collection is your favorite?

Availability : Zoya

Price : $9.00

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*Provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own*