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  1. Kat D says

    Ohhhh, my birthday!!!! My heart is on Thor though [coming out the same day], haha. Nothing beats an accent and lots of muscles. <3 Also, I LOVE Rachel McAdams. =)

  2. Kat D says

    oh lordy, did my comment not post? Take 2!

    My birthday!!!!!! My heart is set on Thor though, coming out the same day, haha. Nothing beats an accent and muscles. <3 Also, I LOVE Rachel McAdams.

  3. Rio Blake says

    OMG, this is exactly what I want. Travel back in time, and change things. Or at least one thing, one day, one failure. :'(

  4. AllLacqueredUp says

    All I can think is how nervous he must have been when you said you didn’t want dessert. What a sweet story.

  5. says

    Awe, how romantic!!! Lol just to think you didn’t want the dessert. What a great memory to have! I would love to go back and live certain moments but not change them. Well there’s one day I’d change but other than that I’d just like to relive all the fun stuff!

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