Enchanted Polish A Little Fishy Told Me – Swatches & Review

Purchased By Me
When I found out Enchanted Polish was making a special tribute color for Talia Joy, I was so excited. It was mint, holo and went to a great cause for a special lovely lady.  If you’ve been in the nail world for awhile now, you know Enchanted’s are extremely hard to get so I was crossing every bone in my body that I would be able to purchase one.  (This is also my first Enchanted as well!)  Come to find out, Chelsea ended up doing a pre order sale but the only downside was it would take up to 30 days to get to you. No sweat! I can totally wait 30 days as long as I get one! And so I did! It finally arrived at my doorstep this morning, and I kind of don’t know what to think.
A Little Fishy Told Me – Created for the beautiful Talia Joy. 
It’s extremely pretty don’t get me wrong. I just expected it to be a bit different. This polish is very sheer and I needed 3 heavy coats to get it to the opacity I wanted.  I always expected Enchanted’s to be extremely holo and drool worthy.. because that’s how they look in photos.  (Not that this isn’t drool worthy, but you get what I’m saying!) 
I’m pretty much torn at this point. It’s really really lovely but I expected the color to be mintier and have a holo effect that would blow me away. 
What do you guys think? Were you able to get your hands on this Limited Edition polish? And if so, was it all you dreamed of?
Unfortunately, this is no longer available to purchase. 
*Polish purchased by me. All opinions are my own & there is nothing to disclose*


  1. Anna Freedman says

    I def expected it to be brighter too. Mine should be here today! I bet it will look great layered over a brighter mint polish.

  2. Crystal says

    I can see how this would not be what you were expecting. Please try EP again though. Her other stuff is absolutely amazing. My personal favorite (I think) is I am the Walrus.

  3. says

    This is so beautiful, and for a beautiful cause (just like you said!!). It’s so helpful to hear your thoughts on this brand. I don’t own any, and it’s hard to figure out why people go so crazy over them. Love the info!

  4. Alison Rose Levy says

    Mine came today. I haven’t tried it yet. But it looked so different from the earlier photos of it, I almost thought I’d gotten Up in Smoke by mistake.

  5. says

    I’m wondering if maybe early pictures had different lighting or were edited differently to change the shade a bit? Either way, such a great cause and such an amazing girl *sigh*

  6. Roxanne Lee Tornyi says

    I also agree with you. I received it in the mail today. I took it out to “log” in in and thought “hmmm… this is kind of a dull green, not so minty” then I looked up your swatch… and it confirms it. EP Still has wonderful polish, glad I have this one. Wonder what it might be like with undies on…

  7. Nuvia InDC says

    I received July 2013 before this one and that is actually very minty. I prefer it over A Little Fishy Told Me. I own about 15 Enchanteds and I love them all!

  8. Erin Obriecht says

    It doesn’t look too thick on you but I get your frustration. I want all polish to be opaque and perfect in 2 coats! Ha!!

  9. Trina says

    I’m actually kind of glad mine looked like a greyed out green! From pics I was afraid it would be really close to Britney Spearmint, but it’s not really like it at all so I’m pleased. :)

  10. Briana NailACollegeDropOut says

    i like the color but when i heard it was inspired by talia joy i was expecting something with a little more mmph

  11. says

    Well that’s a bit sad. I am glad for the cause and reason behind the polish, but that doesn’t excuse the wrong marketing. The early pictures I saw look nothing like this too… but THIS is still kinda pretty in its own way.
    Knowing Talia though (as an avid follower on every social media) Lol, I think she would have wanted more BLING BLING/brightness. ;-D

  12. Leslie says

    This is my first Enchanted Polish, but it certainly won’t be my last! What a wonderful polish and a lovely tribute to a beautiful soul taken from us too soon. It’s pale and demure, yet comes to prismatic life when prompted. I LOVE this polish!

  13. says

    Oh I am sooo glad u did this post. Mine came today. And I thought the exact same thing. I thought it was duller than the pic showed. So I’m not crazy. This was my first holo from her. Have wanted others but the drama there seems a bit crazy for me. Lol. The polish is pretty. But I was soo excited thinking well hoping it was gonna be a true mint. ( my fav color this year). Well at least I got one! But on to find the next perfect mint. Lol! Sorry so long! 😉

  14. Marlys says

    I wish it could be more mintier. Also, I don’t like nails with heavy amount of polish! I needed 3 coats and still I could see some nude spots =s I don’t know, this is my first EP polish.. But I’m happy it’s for a good cause. I’m going to give them another chance!

  15. Kelly Gibson says

    I think it’s gorgeous. I wish I had known about it in order to buy it, but I missed it. I’ll have to look around on blog sales :(

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