butter LONDON Summer 2013 Swatches & Review!

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Hello again lovelies! I have a special post for you this afternoon! butter LONDON just announced their Summer 2013 collection this morning and I have swatches for you!

Honestly, when I first saw this collection ‘Summer’ didn’t really come to mind.. but I get what they’re trying to go for. Bronze, Sunkissed & Beachy. I have a LOT to say and show you so let’s get started!

Poole – Robin’s egg blue cream. Not the most unique in the collection, but if you’re a blue gal and LOVE your cream polishes, this one is for you! Application wasn’t too bad. The first coat was a bit streaky but by the time the second coat went on, everything smoothed out just fine! 

Sunbaker – Rust orange shimmer. This one is BY FAR the best one in this 6 piece collection! It totally screams Summer to me! Application was the easiest as well. Photo below shows two coats. 
Bit Faker – Full coverage bronze glitter. Unbelievably gorgeous! I used two coats for my photos below  & they are not kidding about it being full coverage! This would look AMAZING as an accent nail with Sunbaker! 

Champers – Rose gold shimmer. I was a little weary that this was going to be a close dupe for The Old Bill, but it’s not! I’m always looking for a great rose gold polish & this is definitely one! Application was okay.. a little streaky but not too bad. Removal was a bit of a pain. Because of the ever so fine microglitter, it was everywhere! Photos below shows three coats.  

Marbs – Yellow Gold Microshimmer. This one is pretty unique in my opinion. I don’t think I have ever seen a yellow shade like this before! Application was pretty good – Photo below shows two coats. 
Bobby Dazzler – My LEAST favorite in the collection. I love the fact that it’s like a liquid silver, but I hated how it applied. It was streaky and unpleasant to work with. I recommend a good ridge filler base if you plan on purchasing this one! 
What do you think of the new butter LONDON Summer collection? See any that catch your eye?

Price – $15

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*Polishes provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own*


  1. Lorraine says

    pretty swatches! I don’t know how you manage- with polishes this metallic, there are always brushstroke issues for me. Poole is gorgeous, even if it is that For Audrey-ish color we have seen before. BitFaker is nice- I would love to see a comparison with Torch, a gorgeous orange with gold shimmer BL Nordstrom exclusive.

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh my goodness, I must have every single color in this collection. I ADORE Butter London with a fiery passion.

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