Lush Lacquer Swatches!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.. I spent most of mine swatching a ton of KB Shimmer polishes and getting over a cold. Today I have some swatches from the amazing mother / daughter team Lush Lacquer. They have quickly taken over the indie polish craze by storm. They’re polishes are absolutely gorgeous and original. Let’s check it out!

Birthday Cake – Talk about a PARTY in a bottle. Birthday Cake is absolutely gorgeous! The formula was excellent.. there was no fishing for glitter. I could have seriously eaten my fingers. haha. The photo below was taken with three coats.

Bubble Yummy – Dark purple base packed with light blue & teal glitters. Believe it or not, this can absolutely be worn alone. No underwear here! So stunning and original.. definitely a favorite of mine. Three coats shown below. 
Dreamsicle – This was one I was most excited about. A gorgeous sky blue with shimmer & glitter… except I could barely get the glitter out of the bottle. I’m sure with a little bit of fishing, I would have no issues. Either way, it’s still stunning. Three coats shown below. 
Glam Girl – Black base with silver & black glitter. Another gorgeous beauty from Lush Lacquer. I would definitely recommend wearing something underneath this. Shown below is three coats.
Do you have any polishes from Lush Lacquer? What are your thoughts?
Price – $8.75
Lacquer Lowdown – Lush is an indie brand that has definitely taken the cake for me. They have gorgeous colors, amazing formula & their shipping is spot on. I feel like every time I turn around they are coming out with new colors and that is awesome. Go check them out.. You will NOT be disappointed!
*Products provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own*


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    I have an order in for 7 of the minis- 2/7 are from the ‘second’ collection (Birthday Cake and Party Rockin’), and the other 5 are all from the new ones they just released. I can’t wait to get them! I already own Salt N’ Peppa and love it. I really love that even though I may wait a few weeks, everything is always in stock. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now it’s a very nice change of pace :)

    I am in LOVE with Dreamsicle in your photos! I’m thinking about contacting them to see if I can get a bottle plain without the glitter you weren’t able to fish out 😉 It reminds me of Cinderella and Indian Ocean (and possibly Celestia by Rainbow Honey, but I haven’t received my bottle yet)!

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    I just received my first Lush Lacquer purchase. It is also my first indie polish purchase! I got Spring Fling, Slime Time and Salt N Peppa and I can’t wait to try them! I may need to get Birthday Cake, too!

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