Spankin New Blogger Week Day 4!

Denny’s Digits

I’m 30 years old (ick!) & I’ve always loved polish, but just last year started really getting into it again.  I decided to start a blog so I wouldn’t feel so guilty over buying polish, lol.  I’m hoping at least a few people like my blog even though I can’t even figure out how to add things (like a wishlist, lol).

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Crystal’s Crazy Combos

I am 25 years old and recently married.  I work as an executive assistant by day and paint my nails and blog by night!  I started my blog at the end of January, but have been collecting polish and painting my nails for over a year and a half now.  I enjoy telling stories on my blog, as well as sharing color combinations and swatches of all of the many gorgeous shades out there!  My newest love has been frankens, which are polishes created by fellow bloggers.  I not only love that polish is a way to spice up my look, but I love this little community that nail polish has brought together.  I’ve met some wonderful people and am happy to call them my friends!

Twitter – @CrazyCombos
Two Lacquered Girls

Two lacquered girls is our blog were we like to share our polish changes, show off our new polishes, talk about ourselves and other fun things! 

Enchanting Cosmetics

I am a stay at home mother of 3 great kids, who are 6 (girl), 5 (girl), and 4 (boy)(on the 28th of this month!!).  So I spend my day driving back and forth 7 miles to take them to and from school.  I love nail polish and cosmetics, so I though what better way to use my time than to start a blog and review different products that I have around the house (and some new ones I’ve picked up), so that if someone is thinking about trying something they can see what someone else thought of it first!

Take It With A Drop Of Polish

I’m a new blogger with short nails.  My blog is about my new polishes, reviews, swatches, the journey to growing long nails, and food.  Yes, there will be food.


I started this blog as an outlet for my passion for all things nail related.  I absolutely love nail polish, and my passion has been growing ever since I joined Facebook again in August ’09 and discovered all the awesome nail pages there are.  I enjoy conversing with others who share my passion, and I’m happy to do giveaways for those to take time out of their day to enter them.  Another awesome thing about being a blogger is getting the opportunity to find new and creative ways to do my nails through others who share my passion :) 

It’s Not My Life Anymore

I’m a 31 year old single mother of a boy named Enrique. I have a BBA in Accounting. I’m currently not working. I love nail polish so I decided to start a blog. My blog is about nail polish, some nail art and sometimes 

A Colorsplash Of Nails

I’m a married mother of two awesome teens. I love reading, writing, and painting my nails! I’m an elementary art teacher and completely obsessed with nail polish and nail blogging. My lacquer dabbling began late last year and has officially grown into a full-blown adoration for all things polish…from collecting to blogging. I began my blog as a way to keep track of my manicures and to share them with others.

Lacquer Pamper

I’m a college student and an art enthusiast and nail art has become a hobby of mine. I blog about my experiences with my nail art. Plain and simple.

Perky Polisher

I’m Rachael, a very enthusiastic 21 year old student who has always loved nail polish. As a child, I would carry the bottles around everywhere! I recently started my blog to essentially journal fun polish swatches, stamping, and nail art. It is pretty much out of my control that everything is covered in a layer of sarcasm and humor :) If I can make you laugh I’ve done my job!

Twitter – @PerkyPolisher
Polished Cousins

We are three cousins living in two different cities on the East Coast who share a love for lacquer! We offer three unique styles, tastes and opinions when it comes to our love for all things nail polish. We show off our beautiful (and failed!) nail art, our hauls, our dusty finds, and write reviews and comparisons of polishes.

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    Thank you so much for featuring me, I really truly appreciate the love that bloggers like you give to others :) I’ve met so many fantastic people through here, I’m so glad that I can network like this with others!


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