Spankin New Blogger Week – Day 3!

Here we go.. day 3!
Jenney Ruby Red Nails

I’m an 18 year old graphic design major in my first year of college, my blog is about two or three months old. It’s kind of hard to keep up with it because of all of my school work, but I try to post at least once a week and always have pictures on hand to put up.

Scarlet Nail Diaries

I’m from Singapore and I only started blogging seriously in January with my nail polish collection being started late last year :) even though I’m a late bloomer I’ve had tons of time to make up for it 😀 

My Nail Journey

I am a 25 year old who has always had a love for polish.  I can remember my cousin and I riding the maxx train when we were younger with those mini backpacks full of nail polish and painting layers upon layers of polish while riding the train for what felt like hours.  I have always had a love hate relationship with polish, mainly because I have always worked in food service so it chips everyday.  What used to be a curse and a reason not to do nails has turned into a blessing and a reason to do my nails everyday

Nails By Carol

I am a twenty-something year old nail polish/art lover, I love being able to create and recreate designs and making my nails look pretty. I love cats and I am addicted to coffee. It is a great pleasure to be part of this nail blogging world, it is fascinating to meet people through this platform. Also, I am fluent in Spanish (and understand other languages too)

GaGa For Nails

I’m a 22 year old Geology major from middle Tennessee. Some of my favorite things include: Lady Gaga, dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, hula hooping, sushi, sloths, and of course, nail polish. I bit my nails for 21 years until one day I decided I was going to quit forever, thus creating my love for nail polish! I’m still really new to blogging and learning new things everyday, but I already love being a part of the blogging community

Twitter – @GaGa_for_Nails
Polished Paradise Nails

I am currently at Senior at Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY majoring in English.  My dream is to someday work in the radio field hopefully as a producer or in marketing and events.  I started experimenting with nail polish about a year ago and instantly became addicted.I have always loved art and I view nail art as an extension of that.  It gives me a chance to always be creating new works of art that I can carry with me where ever I go.  There is nothing like the feeling you get when you can look down at your nails and think “Yes I did do that myself”.  


I’m a 19 year old girl residing in the suburbs of Chicago, balancing the stresses of being a full time student striving for a career in Nursing, a part time swim instructor for kids ages 2-12, and a loving girlfriend whose boyfriend is serving our country in Afghanistan. The main focus of my nail blog is nail art, and I’m currently trying to transition to reviews/swatches. The very idea of having a solid color on my nails for too long is hard to stand, so I try to change my nail polish 1-3 times a week

Beauty Blog By Ali

I started my blog and facebook page in the end of February as a way to keep busy and stay in the cosmetology field due to not being able to work in a salon right now because of disability. I love all cosmetics and beauty related topics! 

Happiness Is A Dry Nail

I’m Chandra, some of my friends call me Chandi.  Right now my blog is mainly about my nail art.  I’d love to throw some of the latest color collections and swatches in there too but at the moment I can’t afford to keep up with the new trends and collections.  However I do love to show off what I can do and maybe even inspire someone else and their art. I can talk about nail polish at length with people who are also interested and love being a part of this big obsessive family! 

Nail Polish Anonymous

I’m Jessica I’m a 20+something year old mother of a beautiful hyper 1 year old boy and a wife to a man who acts like a 2 years old but I love them to death. I’m all things goofy and silly and I have a habit of rambling. I created this blog to share my passion with nail polish and nail art with people who love polish just as much as me(because hubby wasn’t getting it lol) so if you like to join me, grab some polish and have a seat and lets pamper ourselves =D

Facebook – Nail Polish Anonymous
Peace, Love, Lacquer

I have a love for all things lacquer. I may need a room just for my nail stuff soon! I do a nail art tutorial once a month, and do swatches of different brands and colors the rest of the month. My goal when I started my blog was to inspire others to do something different with their nails. I am no artist, and I can create some fun stuff; so if I can do it, so can you!

Manicured Momma’s

We are two moms who were acquaintances but became friends over a love for nail polish

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